Necrosoft Games
Based in Oakland,

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October 10, 2012



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Hyper Gunsport
Oh, Deer!


Necrosoft Games is a distributed game developer with members all over the world! We try to make games that we ourselves want to play, across a range of genres. We hope you like our stuff!


a collection of humans

Necrosoft Games was founded by Brandon Sheffield after he left journalism, with the idea of making a studio where each game qould have a unique team. We got signed by Sony to make games for PlayStation Mobile (RIP) within our first months of life, and wound up making two of the most visible games on the plaform, Gunhouse, and Oh, Deer! We then entered a Microsoft mobile program during which we ported Gunhouse to Windows Phone (RIP), got selected for Google's first indie game festival, launched on and closed down multiple streaming platforms (RIP), and all kinds of other things.

Since then we've brought Gunhouse to every platform we could, Oh, Deer! to PC (now delisted, sorry! but maybe in the future...?), and finally released our arcade action title Gunsport to Stadia. The sequel to Gunsport is now coming to all platforms as Hyper Gunsport, which we are very excited about! We are also working on a SECRET RPG PROJECT which we look forward to telling you about in the future.

Since those early days, we've abandoned the "one team, one game" strategy, and become a cohesive unit. We are now six full time persons, spanning four countries, with several contractors at any given time. We've come together as a team by meeting each other at conferences, in our various travels, and across the wild internet, essentially taking someone's I could probably help you with that as yes I will join your company. We make it work!


Hyper Gunsport announce trailer. Get it!

Gunsport Stadia teaser. It's here!

Oh, Deer! Beta trailer! Honk!

Gunhouse Trailer! Yeah!


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Awards & Recognition

  • Official selection, Gunhouse.

    - Google Indie Game Festival, 2016


Brandon Sheffield
game director, scenario writer, producer, and business person.

Shane Marks
code, tools, porting, and production.

Michael Kerwin
code, porting, and game feel.

Catherine Menabde
pixel art, illustration, character design.

Brent Porter
pixel art, 3D, effects, character design.

Gustav Samuelson
pixel art, rocks (he loves drawing rocks).

Lotte May
net code, porting.